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Attitudes Towards High School

Every student have different attitudes to high schhol life. They used to wondering what will be when they entering a completely different place and environment. Here is the research I do about what they think about high school life:


There are positives ones,like they think the number of activities increases, which means they have more chances to show their strength creativity and the abilities. What is more, they used to be monitored strictly by supervisors, and there are hundreds of restrictions they need to obey.However,they are more free to do something we want now.Besides, since we are international students, we do not have so many pressure like traditional Chinese final exams.


But, students also complaining about the poor facilities,such as no microwave oven, regrigerator and poor quality elevator...etc. Also,they think somrtimes school makes decition they do not like, or they did not feel school care about them.